First, let get down to basics

So what are those projects with the funding objective I see listed on the explore page?
A project on INTLQ has an achievable and clear objective for supporters to see and comprehend.The funding objective is the sum of money project owners (Creators) need to achieve for their project and therefore close their campaign successfully.

A campaign is the listing of a project by the creator on INTLQ with a specific funding objective and time duration.

who's the creator? (Project owner)

It is the team or the person behind the project's idea.

INTLQ uses a all-or-nothing crowdfunding model, this means that the funding objective needs to be fully achieved before the deadline or the campaign is considered not successful and therefore supporters get refunded.


Supporters are the people who pledge support to the project by selecting rewards.

Finally, Rewards are a creator's way of showing appreciation by granting supporters specific experience. It could be the product itself, limited editions, or exclusive content directly related to the product or project.

Supporter Questions

Why support projects?

People support projects they like because they want to see it come alive. Some projects solves a real life problem, others are innovative products that could positively change the community. Talented artists who need that fund to create something mind-blowing. or the simply put, the supporter finds the reward too tempting to be missed out.

What is a creator obligated to do once their project is funded?

It is the responsibility of the creator to fulfill all their obligations towards their backers. The creator is required to specify a date in which the rewards will be received. The date is mentioned in the "Campaign Details" tab in the campaign's page.

Can INTLQ refund the money if a project is unable to fulfill?

No. Once the campaign ends successfully (funding objective is reached before deadline) INTLQ transfer the funds to the project's creator and therefore bears no responsibility of refunds or reward delivery.

How do I pledge?

To pledge, you need to be on the campaign page of the project. After that, you need to choose the amount you would like to pledge (or the reward). You will be then directed to a payment gateway to complete your transaction.

What forms of payment can I use to make a pledge?

Currently, INTLQ accepts credit cards (Visa, Mastercard).

When is my card charged?

As long as the project is active, you will only be charged small amount for verification purposes. Once the campaign's deadline is reached and the campaign is successful, your card will be charged the full amount.

Do I get notified if a project I'm backing succeeds?

Absolutely, we love delivering good news!

Is my pledge amount publicly displayed?

No, supporter's private information is hidden.

If I make a pledge, what information does the project creator receive?

The project Creator receives only your username, the amount you pledged and the reward you selected. INTLQ will only share your email and billing address to the creator when the campaign has successfully ended for the purpose of post-campaign communication.

How will project creators get my info to deliver rewards?

INTLQ will share your information with the project creator only when the campaign has ended successfully.

Creator Questions

How do I start a project

Before starting a project, contact us through our email and let's sit and talk! After passing the initial interview, you can start a project by clicking on the "Start a Project" button. You will have to download and fill up an application form. Please make sure you go through the "Tips and Tricks" as well as the "Terms of Use" of INTLQ before starting a project. It would also be very helpful for people are not familiar to crowdfunding to go through this FAQ section to get an idea of how things work.

Who can use INTLQ

Innovators, artists, or anyone with a great and innovative idea or even idiviuals with projects that could have an impact on the community.

What kind of projects can INTLQ  be used to fund

We always welcome innovation and creativeness.
  • Technology and physical products.      
  • shops and restaurants with interesting concepts.
  • music, art and theater.      
  • a cause related to the local community.

What information should I share on my project page

Please go through our Tips and Tricks page as well as the application form for the full information needed.

What is the estimated delivery date

It is the date you plan to deliver your rewards to your supporters after a campaign ends successfully.

What can be offered as a reward

Please go through our Tips and Tricks page for ideas and inspirations.

Can projects raise more than their goals

Definitely. Why limit success?

What languages should I consider when creating content for my project

Project creators should consider Arabic and English as the language of their content for a wider audience reach.

Does INTLQ review projects before launch

Yes, we do. Our team goes through projects to verify their authenticity as well as identify the team behind it.

What is INTLQ's fees structure?

INTLQ charges 5% (plus bank processing fees) of the total amount funded only when the campaign has ended successfully. There are no signup fees or any costs of joining INTLQ.