Privacy Policy

In order for you to get started on INTLQ and use our services, we have to gather and process some data. Depending upon your utilization of the Services, that may include:

  • Data, (for example, your name, email and postal locations, phone number, and country of residence) that you completing forms on Intlq including in the event that you enlist as a client of the Services, transfer or present any material through INTLQ, or demand any data
  • Your login and password details, regarding the account sign-in procedure
  • Points of interest of any transactions or exchanges you make through the Services
  • Correspondences you send to us (for instance, when you request support, send us inquiries or remarks, or report an issue)
  • Data that you submit to INTLQ as remarks, commitments to exchanges, or messages to different users

The beneath data will stay private:

Any payment information you provide

  • Your password details
  • Your phone number
  • Communications you send to us (for example, when you ask for support, send us questions or comments, or report a problem)

When you support a project, the project’s owner will know your name, the amount you have pledged. Owners never receive supporters’ credit card details or other payment information.

What's Public

  • When you create an account, we make a fundamental profile page for you on INTLQ, containing your account name, and a list of projects you have supported or created.
  • If it's not too much trouble take note of that every undertaking page records the group of clients who have supported the task.
  • Project owners are additionally requested that they verify their identities (by Ids, passports, etc.), when this has been done, the project owner's Verified Name will be publicly displayed on their account profile and on any projects they launch

Use of Personal Information

We will use the individual data you give to:

  • Identify your details when you sign into your account
  • Enable us to give you the Services
  • Present projects to you when you use the Services which we accept will be of interest based on your geographic location and previous use of the services
  • Enable us to get in touch with you in regards to any inquiry you make through the Services
  • Analyze the use of the Services and the general population going to enhance our substance and Services
  • Use for different purposes that we may uncover to you when we ask for your data

We take securing your information and saving your protection truly. We never present anything on your Facebook, Twitter, or other outsider records without your consent. INTLQ’s project owners will never receive supporters’ credit card details or other payment information. We will protect all information we receive in accordance with this privacy policy.

Individuals under 18 (or the legitimate age in your ward) are not allowed to utilize INTLQ all alone, thus this security strategy makes no arrangement for their utilization of INTLQ.