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Any time snack with a healthy twist

Facing Qatar’s harsh environment, fast city life and bad eating habits; the founder of Snack Box by Albina was looking at easily accessible and consumable natural alternatives to pharmacy bought dietary supplement pills and found nothing available in the market, so the idea of Snack Box was born; a concept of a bite sized anytime snack with a healthy twist.

Snack Box is all about introducing healthy tasty snacks for all segments of the society e.g. body builders, pregnant ladies, kids, weight loss (obesity), energy kick, sport, and act as any time snack in your daily life. Additionally, it will be safe for clinical diabetics along with high blood pressure patients as well as will cater to individuals with skincare, hair loss concerns due to poor diet choices. These snacks will be supplementary nutrition to replace pharmaceutical and chemically manufactured supplementary products while using natural ingredients.

Business Plan

Snack Box By Albina will launch a full Ministry of Public Health Qatar sanctioned study into how to deliver daily multi-vitamin and mineral dietary nutritional requirements to different segments of society (men, women, children and persons with long-term medical conditions such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol…), through natural means in lieu of pharmacy bought vitamin and mineral supplement pills.

R&D will be done locally in Qatar with key stakeholders, such as MOPH, Hamad Medical Corp, SIDRA Hospital, PHCC, QSTP, Qatar Foundation, Qatar BioBank, Qatar Biomedical Research Institute and Qatar University as well as internationally with reputable trade associations and intra-governmental food & drug regulatory bodies.

Once the recipe for each type of Snack Box offered in the range has been developed, we will move into beta-testing and focus groups to run controlled studies in conjunction with SIDRA Hospital as well as Weill Cornell Qatar and Qatar University to ensure that our claims are backed with quantifiable scientific findings and results.

The purpose of phase 1 is to ensure that our product is credible as it will be formulated in conjunction with key Health sector stakeholders of Qatar who will not only endorse our product but promote it within the institutions to employees, patients, clients

Development Plan

At this point we will launch the 1st Phase of our project where we will incorporate the results of the studies from the business plan accordingly. With our recipes adjusted, we will move into the pilot-phase of the development of Snack Box in which at this stage we will set up an additional production line in our Albina Snacks factory that will be solely dedicated to Snack Box.

The 2nd Phase of our project will see a full Marketing & PR roll out, promoting the health benefits of the lines, through print, digital, press conferences and releases, outdoor campaigns as well as TVCs.

Capitalizing on the PR blitz & subsequent buzz generated, we will move to the 3rd Phase where we will roll out our membership on delivery system that will give Snack Box access to you our crowd funders and select individuals.

Within a year from activating the membership and the delivery system, we will roll out the 4th Final Phase of our project, which will see Snack Box stocked at all major retailers - while ensuring that our crowd funders still enjoy benefits unique to you!

And in the future we are looking to regularly introduce new and exciting products within our range.


Risk and Challenges

With any new business there are risks that come with the territory as well as the challenges that are faced during the seed to market launch process. We have identified certain Risks and Challenges and listed how we aim to mitigate them as follows:


  1. Market responds very positively and there is a surge in demand and not enough supply in a very short time.

    Setup our manufacturing such that we can scale the production on demand

  2. Ingredients are seasonal and not readily available.

    Secure food supply and multiple sources so that ingredients are available all year long.

  3. Using perishable ingredients to avoid spoilage.

    We will compensate with long shelf life ingredients.

  4. New entrance in the market who will look to copy our product and take a cut in the market share.

    We will capitalize on the first mover advantage as we have the production facility, the market research and relevant know-how, which gives us the lead; as competitors will require time to reach our market position as well as our scale.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be guaranteed that the claims printed on the Snack box packaging are true?

Our product line will be certified and regulated by the relevant Ministries of Qatar and be subject to Consumer Protection Laws of the State of Qatar as well.

What if after funding, the Snack Box project fails to materialize and isn’t launched?

What happens to my money?Like any investment, there are risks – but as we have a main product line “Albina Dry Roasted Nuts”, we will capitalize on our existing brand market share. We aim to bank on our experience in Qatar’s market to give us an elevated platform that ensures success.

Is Snack Box Halal? What if I have allergies? And Do you use preservatives?

Yes, as per the laws of State of Qatar Snack Box is certified Halal and all allergens will be clearly marked on the packaging, so please refer to each individual product in our range. Also, we guarantee that we will not incorporate any proven harmful ingredients into our products composition.

How will I be guaranteed that the claims printed on the Snack box packaging are true?

Stay tuned and visit for further details.

Where and when will Snack Box be available for purchase incase we don’t fund the project but are interested to purchase later?

We will stock our product at your nearest retailer and you will be able to purchase your Snack Box online as well.

What happens to my money?

Like any investment, there are risks – but as we have a main product line “Albina Dry Roasted Nuts”, we will capitalize on our existing brand market share. We aim to bank on our experience in Qatar’s market to give us an elevated platform that ensures success.

Can I incorporate Snack box into my diet, workout plan nutritional regime or into my dietary requirements due to an existing medical condition?

Yes, our product will be developed in such a manner that within our range, there will be different products catering to different dietary needs.

The Team

Mrs. Noora Al Kuwari – Health Coach

A wife, a mother of two and a health coach. Graduated from the institute of Integrative Nutrition – New York in 2015 to be the first Qatari health coach.

My mission is to spread awareness in my community about healthy lifestyle and correct the common misconceptions about health.

Business Model

Snack Box will change the perception that healthy food is boring and tasteless.
This can be achieved by engaging our consumer in an entertaining manner and educating them at the same time as to the benefits of healthy living with the aim to supplement any nutritional gaps that occur in daily life due to poor diet.
  • Snack Box will be an affordable all natural and locally manufactured in Qatar product - with raw ingredients sourced locally, regionally and globally.
  • Raw ingredients will be ethically sourced form a secure vertically integrated supply chain.
  • Snack Box will be certified by accredited research centers, universities and health institutes both local and internationally– as we will be partnering with Qatari and International Health, Research entities and Food Regulatory Bodies during our Research and Development phase.
  • The unique selling point (USP) of our product will be that it is set to deliver a significant percentage of the recommended daily nutritional value in a fun playful appetizing bite sized manner.
  • We will initially launch as a delivery service and aim to be stocked in all major supermarkets and stores across Qatar within one year of launch.

Project Purpose

Our INTLQ campaign aims to raise seed funding to launch the Research & Development (R&D) required for the scientific study behind our product composition, set up the supply-chain, source the raw materials, create an additional production line in our manufacturing facility and create the design packaging as well as cover the marketing cost.
    Project Launched