Tips and Tricks

To help you with your journey, please read the below tips and tricks for some ideas and inspirations for your INTLQ campaign.

Planning Your Pitch


INTLQ gives you many different opportunities to share what your campaign is all about with the people of the region. This includes your written pitch, video, photo gallery and more.

People love stories! So tell them the story of why you are passionate about your project. Present the idea in a way that makes it something others would want to support. Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience.

Video Pitch


We recommend that you make a short pitch-like video (around 1 minute) for a quick introduction of what your core product is. Also, it would be really compelling if you create another video (1-3 minutes) where you talk about the project and your story.

First impressions are everything — remember to make the first ten seconds of your video count. Star in the video yourself to make it more personal. Give contributors a sneak peak of your project, product. Use music to set a tone for the video and the campaign. Make sure the video is clear and concise — visuals help. Invite your audience to join you on your journey because you’re not just asking for money! End with a clear call to action.

Written Pitch

Put the most important information first. Tell a compelling story, and keep it short. Explain exactly why you are raising money. Share details about yourself, your team, and important events or people that shaped your project. Build trust with a specific budget breakdown. Spelling and grammar are important, so be sure to proofread. Break long text into sections with headings. Include pictures of your Rewards in the pitch text. They add personality and help break up lots of copy.


Make sure your image is both interesting and relevant to your campaign. This information is what people will see on the INTLQ landing page, and they should be compelled to click on it. Your title and short description are like the headline and subhead of your project — include everything potential backers need to know to want to contribute.

The Objective

It is important that you and your team fully understand your objective behind creating a campaign.

Research expenses and make sure you understand how much it will cost to realize your project. If you are offering physical Rewards (like merchandise or the product you are developing), take their cost into account (including shipping/ transportation).

We recommend that you manage to raise at least 25% of the Contributions from your own network (friends, family, fans and existing customers). This is because strangers usually like to see some traction (validation) on the campaign that excites them before they support you. It also gives a sense of popularity and urgency.

Setting a lower, more realistic funding goal often means you’ll raise more money in the end. People want to be a part of successful campaigns. A successful campaign on INTLQ will always boost your company or project wherever you take it. Remember, this is not a simple sign up landing page; these are real people who were so convinced with your project that have decided to put not only their email addresses, but also their money.

For larger projects, consider running multiple campaigns with smaller funding goals for each stage of the project, just be clear on this; supporters like to see the bigger picture and how their contribution is pushing your project to success. On the other side, longer campaigns don’t necessarily mean you’ll raise more money. The longer the campaign, the harder it is to build a sense of urgency and maintain momentum.


Is there something directly associated to your campaign that you can offer?

While possibilities for Rewards are endless, we’ve included a few examples below to get you started:

  • The item you’re raising money for,
  • A personalized tweet, Facebook post or Instagram mention
  • A special thank-you video or thank-you note or email.
  • Placement of contributors’ names in a visible space. For example, the wall of your new restaurant that you are raising funds for.
  • A coupon for a discounted price on future products or services offered by your company or project.
  • A photo, mug or T-shirt featuring your organization or campaign (merchandise).

Also, don’t forget the following tips when pulling your Rewards together:

  • When building/creating a Reward, make sure you understand the necessary steps and know exactly how much money you’ll need for creation and distribution.
  • When reaching out to any vendor for a quote, don’t forget shipping costs.
  • Allow ample time to fulfill your Rewards — it will take longer than you think.
  • Verify that your Rewards don’t violate INTLQ's Terms of Use.
  • Make Reward names and descriptions clear.
  • Use words like “limited edition,” “exclusive,” and “early-bird.”
  • Create Rewards that will connect the contributor to the project emotionally, as well as physically.
  • Be reasonable with your Reward prices. Offering a magnet and mug for 500 QAR or a t-shirt for 1,000 QAR won’t encourage contributions.

Spreading the Word


In this section, we draw some ideas on pre and post launch marketing techniques you could use in your campaign

Use your Network

Get people excited about your campaign and have them commit to spreading the word through their various networks, both online and offline. Consider throwing a launch party to get your friends and family excited about your idea. Have a laptop around for people to contribute.


Email is a great way to directly reach out to people in your network. Make sure you explain the project well, ask personally for their contribution, include a link to your campaign and invite them to spread the word. Also, be sure to include your campaign link in your email signature.

Social Media

The very definition of crowdfunding implies that engaging audiences online is crucial to gaining awareness, momentum, and funds for your campaign. Social media in its various forms is a great way to get your pre-existing network excited and connect with individuals and organizations you don’t already know. The ability to post and share pictures, videos, and more also makes social media a wonderfully dynamic medium. Remember, you’re not simply asking people to contribute their money — you’re inviting them to collaborate with you.

Build Buzz

Let friends and family know about your campaign before it goes live. Encourage close friends and family to contribute as soon as you go live for instant momentum. Hold events before and during the Campaign. Use social media to build mystery and intrigue.

Leverage Social Media

Create a Twitter Account. Sign up for a tool like HootSuite to broadcast and schedule updates across all your social platforms. Create a campaign-specific Facebook page, Twitter handle, and any other relevant social profiles.

Use your Sponsors / Partners

If you have sponsors or partners, make sure they tap into their networks to build anticipation and announce your campaign’s launch.

Plan your Marketing

How will you get the word out? Who will help you? What actions will you take offline to find contributors? Draft a press release and create a media plan. Compile a list of blogs and tastemakers with audiences that might be interested in your story. Email these contacts your press release after you’ve received some contributions from your friends and family to get you started.

Create a Pre-launch Page

A pre-launch landing page will help you give potential customers a hint on what’s coming so you can start building buzz early. More importantly, it lets you collect email addresses from people who are interested in learning more about your campaign — and the bigger your email list, the better your chances of success.

And finally, Post Updates

Engage your contributors using the “Update” feature on your campaign page. Updates are posted to your campaign and sent to everyone who has contributed to your campaign, so they become more effective as your community grows. Post updates once or twice per week that feature your campaign’s progress (example: 50% to goal), new media or any other compelling content your audience might be interested in. Use updates and new Rewards to combat the usual mid-campaign lull in contributions.